AARP Secure Horizons as a medi-gap insurance is totally impossible in terms of customer service.They are cheery upon sign up, but if you ever have an issue you cannot get past person #1 who will wear you out, wear you down until you surrernder.

In our case, even though they issued a new card for our move 90 miles away, with a new doctor, they canceled us saying we had "moved out of are." Well, uh, yeah, 90 miles north (in Califorina.) You gave us a new card/new primary physician, so? After literally hours on the phone, all documented - no help.

Meanwhile, for 9 months no Medicare Part D, medigap and now nobody will insure us since were were canceled by another company.They should be sued!

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Kingwood, Texas, United States #685854

After Metformin, a Diabetes drug, nearly destroyed my stomach and made me unable to leave the house for reason only a nearby bathroom can explain, I was put on Glumetza which took care of my problems beautifully and I have been able to carry on a normal life!! Life! Now I can live it...nope~!!

Of course, Secure Horizons, United Healthcare refuses now to pay for Glumetza. The pharmacy stated, "they want you to take your Metformin."

Really? No kiddin!


to Donna Wall Kingwood, Texas, United States #686102


Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #666462

You're not in North Carolina, been with secure horizons for about 5 yrs total, many claims ( I am diabetic with A Lot of complications) I have not had one claim denied whether for treatment or hospitalization (usually twice a year) paid on time, even paid for crow boots for both feet( over 3000.00 bucks) could not be happier with united/ secure horizons AARP !!!And now with the 10.00 copay, free gym membership, I'll never leave this company!

Thank you UNITED/SECURE HORIZONS AARP . You have made this so affordable to go to do gots and get the treatment I need.

Believe me, I have compared and heard what others have to say,....But United works for me!!!


I guess the lesson here is to verify EVERYTHING prior to moving into another area, county, state, region...whatever.


It's fine as long as you stay healthy. Get sick and you are MUCH BETTER OFF without Secure Horizons. They will ***.


Michael, You think like me.Unfortunately the insurance commisioner doesn't monitor Medicare Supplimental Insurance.

At least in Washington state that is the case. I can't believe that, but,that is the way my complaint was handled by the Insurance Commisioners office.

The is no agency that monitors them.

It's just not right.:sigh


You all complain about an HMO after you use the plan.Everyone loves that you don't pay monthly premiums, then all of a sudden it is supposed to pick up 100% of you expenses.

Give me a break, is everything supposed to be free? Sometimes you get what you pay for.

That's right you didn't pay anything.The handouts are in a different line...


I sit here in a hospital room awaiting the discharge of my 74 y/o father.He had abdominal surgery and was diagnosed with cancer.

Mind you he is a spry 74 y/o who is very active and has a strong constitution. I am not certain if we are taking him home or to a rehab facility. He is still in pain and needs assistance but some area director at Secure Horizon who has not met my father seems to think he can go home. I have also run into issues with several doctors who won’t accept Secure Horizon because they are difficult.

The road blocks this company has to utilizing the coverage are completely UNACCEPTABLE. The ratio of rehab facilities that accept Secure Horizon is something like 20 to 1. It was difficult to find a place that would accept his insurance and even more difficult to find a decent facility that accepted Secure Horizon. Thankfully this is December and I can change his insurance to Medicare effective the first of January so that we can go to world class physicians for chemo and radiation treatment.

I have learned thru this process that EVERYONE accepts Medicare but only a small percentage of the health care community take Secure Horizon and even then they find reasons not to pay.Pulling teeth is easier.



A waste of money

great until you sign up

refused to pay for meds.

no customer service, lots of run around

nasty phone skills, mean and arragant


When I lived in FL, Medicare Advantage programs (Freedom & Optimum) paid our Part B, covered dental, glasses, hearing aids...

Now I'm in Hawaii; no plans here cover Part B or Dental. Why is Hawaii discriminated against? Why do Feds give more money to FL than HI?

AARP Med. supplement is about $77/mo. TV ad says it pays part B but their literature says nothing about that. $95 (Part B) + $77 seems a bit much for a single lady. I think I'll just buy meds from Canada or Mexico.

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